smartfinancing.ch 和 SwissWide Holding AG 为全球客户提供多种 “银行&金融投资服务”

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Investment Banking

Do you need a PPM (Private Placement Memorandum), a First Pager, a Business Plan, a White Paper or some help with a Business Strategy Creation? SwissWide Holding AG is the right partner for you. Our professional team will be glad to help you in all your business needs.

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Private Banking

Are you wary of the Digital, Crypto and capital markets? Are you looking for an experienced private and investment banking advisor? Feel free to contact us! Our professional team is at your disposal and can support you in taking smart investing decisions.

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Additional financial services

Are you interested in raising capital through innovative tools and technologies, but do not know where to start? blockchainbond.io & SwissWide Holding AG can help you issuing Blockchain Bonds and/or launching an IBO (Initial Bond Offering), providing the necessary expertise to receive a Rating, an Insurance, a Second Party Opinion and all other needed documents.

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