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Blockchain Bonds

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Initial Bond Offering (IBO)

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The best fund raising choice

Blockchain Bonds issued via blockchainbond.io are the best option for funding a business.
Since the establishment, bond issuers and investors benefit from blockchainbond.io several features.

Fixed Income Financial Products

All Blockchain Bonds issued over blockchainbond.io are fixed income financial products.

Crypto and Fiat payments

All Blockchain Bonds issued over blockchainbond.io are traded for crypto and fiat currencies.

Strong Blockchain Bond issuers

All Blockchain Bonds issued over blockchainbond.io are issued by already established companies and organisations.

Global Investment Village

Blockchain Bonds are issued and traded over the blockchainbond.io internet platform, accessible everywhere in the world via a normal browser: a real global investment village!

KYC/AML – Know your client

All blockchainbond.io users (i.e. issuers and investors) are throughly checked and must comply with the blockchainbond.io terms and conditions: an important step towards risk minimization and investment’s security!

Initial Bond Offering (IBO)

Initial Bond Offering or IBO is a possible alternative to ICOs. IBOs can be done before, at the same time or after ICOs.

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A few words about Blockchain Bonds


Blockchain Bonds issued over the blockchainbond.io platform address the needs for digitalization and optimization
of the capital markets, by significantly simplifying and reducing the costs of bonds’ issuing and investing.


Blockchain Bonds issued over blockchainbond.io can be defined as: Fixed income debt fundraising financial products, operating via distributed larger technology (Blockchain).
A “Blockchain Based Bond” addresses three basic needs:
1) the need to invest in fixed income products over the blockchain technology (digitalization)
2) the need to eliminate geographical barriers for fund-raisers and investors (global investment presence)
3) the need to speed up and secure the issuing of Bonds (decentralization).
All Blockchain Bonds issued over blockchainbond.io must follow the “Blockchain Bond Principles”, a guideline on the terms and conditions under which funds can be allocated and investors can be approached.

Financial Projections

Our goal is creation of Global Investment Village, where every individual or institution will have the same chances to participate in global capital markets and to create significant return on investment.“
Arsenije Grgur
CEO & Founder

According to the global capital markets data, IBO and blockchainbond.io will reach 15B in fund raising worldwide.

Fixed Income

Secured Return on Investment

How to create the Blockchain Bond

Online Registration

Everything starts with a free account creation and an online registration. Only some basic information about the company/or organization is necessary for opening a free account.

Filling out a Blockchain Bond Features

Following the registration, it is possible to start the procedure for the preparation of a first Blockchain Bond by providing the preliminary information on its features (Face Value, Interest, Maturity etc.)

Uploading the Documentation

This stage concludes the Bond’s preparation procedure, through the uploading of the relevant Bond’s documentation: the PPM, the White Paper, a One Pager, the Ratings, Insurance information etc.

Blockchain Bond Issuing

The last stage is the creation and issuing of the Blockchain Bond accessible to worldwide investors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest in Blockchain Bonds?

Blockchain Bonds issued via the blockchainbond.io platform are open to all private and legal entities worldwide. In order to invest in a “Blockchain Bond”, the investors need internet access and the ability to carry out payments through one of the accepted payment’s methods: cryptocurrencies, credit cards, PayPal or Bank Transfer (the latter at the moment only for Swiss and EU residents).

Who can issue Blockchain Bonds?

All established legal entities (companies, organisations, institutions etc.) can issue a Blockchain Bond over the blockchainbond.io platform.

How can I open private or business account at blockchainbond.io

Every private or institutional investor can register for a free account on blockchain.io and provide the necessary “basic” information (we strive to maintain the basic information as limited as possible); this includes a passport copy and a proof of domicile. Institutional investors must provide a copy of the commercial register and a proof of domicile.

What are the advantages of issuing a Blockchain Bond over a traditional Bond?

A Blockchain Bond offers the following important advantages:
1) issuers can create their fixed income financial product at fair prices and virtually instantaneously.
2) issuers have immediate access to a vast portfolio of institutional and private investors, potentially worldwide.
3) issuers can easily and cost-effectively prepare smart contracts.
4) issuers have continue control on the fund-raising process.

How do investors benefit from Blockchain Bonds?

1) All Blockchain Bonds issued over the blockchainbond.io platform are Fixed Income Financial Products with annual, semi annual, or quarterly coupons.
2) At the Maturity Date the entire investment is returned.
3) Each Blockchain Bond undergoes a compliance test and needs to be approved by our team of professionals.

What is an “IBO”?

An “IBO” or Initial Bond Offering is an alternative to an ICO or an IPO.
Initial Bond Offering (IBO):
• IBO refers to the public sale of Bonds or Debt Products by a company, with the purpose of financing certain business operations usually for a limited period of time. An IBO can be made before, during or after an ICO. Furthermore, an IBO is totally independent of an ICO.