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blockchainbond.io is project developed by joint venture of SwissWide Holding AG and SwissWide GmbH. Where SwissWide Holding AG is an Intellectual Property owner and operator, and SwissWide GmbH with its partners has brought software architecture and software development to the blockchainbond.io project.

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SwissWide Holding AG is a Swiss FinTech company with head quarters in Zug, Switzerland. Company is founded in late 2018, and acts as a parent company of SwissWide GmbH. Company is current operator of blockchainbond.io and main developer of Global Investment Village.

Global Investment Village and Distance Zero Investments.


Bringing investment world and capital markets to the every individual and corporation around the globe with simple internet access, with no limitations, erasing the borders and giving the global equality to the investment world.


People around us are the strongest value of SwissWide Group.


At SwissWide Group we believe in common good and helping people to achieve their business and life goals

About blockchainbond.io

  • Overview

    blockchainbond.io is cutting edge FinTech platform for creating, issuing, analysing and investing into blockchain bonds. For the first time companies are able to create and issue bonds on blockchain within few minutes, and on other hand for the first time investors are being able to invest into blockchain bonds worldwide without any limitations.
    blockchainbond.io combines artificial technology, blockchain technology, KYC/ALM with smart contracts. Our goal was to create „one place“ platform which includes and satisfy all stakeholder needs. Furthermore, blockchain bonds issued over blockchainbonds.io are buyable for crypto and fiat, which make us on of its kind.

  • Benefit for blockchain bond investors
    • Secured
    • 100% fixed income
    • Investing with crypto or fiat
    • All in one platform
    • Swiss quality
    • Best worldwide investment opportunities
  • Benefit for blockchain bond issuers
    • Vast portfolio of investors
    • No hidden fees
    • 100% free blockchain bond creation
    • All in one platform
    • Swiss quality & Swiss regulations
    • 24/7 blockchainbond.io support

Initial Bond Offering is an event of first blockchain bond public sale.
IBO is an alternative to the ICO and can be done during, after or before ICO. It can get support for your business, by providing additional capital for further business expansion.

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Q1 2017

Global Investment Village and blockchainbond.io idea


Q3 2017

blockchainbond.io First team and platform architecture


Q2 2018

SwissWide GmbH Foundation


Q4 2018

blockchainbond.io operative platform and SwissWide Holding AG foundation


Q1 2019

First ever IBO and Blockchain Bond issuance on blockchainbond.io


Q2 2019

Worldwide expansion and mass usage


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